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Bennett Elementary School

Bennett Elementary Students Perform Surgery in English Class

Bennett Elementary third-grade teacher, Emily Austin, found a unique and engaging way to teach her students about contractions by turning her room into an operating room where students had to perform surgery on different words and add apostrophes to make them a contraction.

"My students were so excited to walk back in the room after specials to see the room transformed into Contraction General Hospital," said Miss. Austin. "We wrapped up our unit over contractions, so what better way to show what they know then a hands-on activity!"
Students had to stand at the door before entering the makeshift hospital and sterilize their hands with germ-x before heading into the operating room. Once they sat down, they saw their patient records and quickly put on their gloves and face masks to begin surgery.
They then listened to a ChatterPix with their task of broken words which was a result of an accident at Punctuation Station. Once they knew their task, they quickly got to work.
The students took the two words and cut out what wasn't needed anymore and put them back together with a band-aid that had an apostrophe on it. The students had to identify what letters were taken out of the words and identify where the apostrophe went, then use a sentence with the new contraction.
"This was such a fun way for the students to show what they have learned about contractions but also have a blast while doing it," said Miss Austin


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