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Bennett Elementary School

Joining Together in Thanks at Bennett Elementary

The second-grade students at Bennett Elementary have an annual tradition of celebrating what they are thankful for by gathering each class in the hallway to eat a holiday feast together. Stretching past all six second-grade classrooms, the students sit side by side to spend time with their entire class and enjoy each other's company. 

Bennett Second Grade Feast"We wanted to embrace the opportunity to share this special treat with our kiddos," said second-grade teacher Sonia Rivas. "We wanted to show them what a feast was and take time to be thankful for all of the food their parents donated. It gives them a family feel, and that's what we are in second grade - a big family."

After a few weeks of learning about American celebrations and traditions in reading, writing and social studies, the students wrap up their lesson by learning about Thanksgiving. They, along with the rest of their peers, reflected on all of the great things in their lives that they have to be thankful for such as their families, friends, pets, teachers and school.

Students discussed traditions in their homes and shared special recipes that they enjoy during their Thanksgiving celebration with their families.
Second Grade Cookbooks at BennettEach student brought a favorite recipe from home to share with their second-grade friends and created a "Second-Grade Cookbook" that they took home as a keepsake. This collaboration made for nearly 100 recipes from the second-grade class. 

Mrs. Rivas said the second-grade teachers hope that through these lessons in multiple subjects, the students will realize what the true meaning of being thankful means.

"Everyday students are given opportunities to be thankful for," said Rivas. "It could be learning something new or even sharing a meal together."
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