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Bennett Elementary School

Frenship Kicks Off Strategic Planning Process

The summit was held at Legacy Elementary, and it was the first time since the Strategic Planning process in 2016 that community members, students, staff, and parents were invited to work together to set goals and begin to outline what the District should focus on for the next five years.

Strategic Planning

Participants of the summit heard from a panel of Frenship High School seniors, who were asked a series of questions from explaining their learning style, to speaking about what they expect in a highly effective classroom setting, and even what they hope to see for Frenship in the next 10 years.

After the panel completed their Q&A, the entire audience of community members, parents and staff were asked to participate in an exchange of ideas and thoughts as well. These thoughts centered around ways that they wanted to see Frenship improve, and how they think Frenship can evolve.

One major topic was Technology. Participants expressed the necessity for evolving technology and incorporating it in the classroom in order to ultimately prepare students for the work force.

Another big topic of discussion was the need for students to have mastered soft skills like communication, adaptability, and time management by the time they enter the work force.

In addition to the Strategic Planning Educational Summits, Frenship will host focus group sessions with target audiences such as elementary staff members, secondary staff members, students, community members and administration.

From there a design group will be formed to narrow the gathered information and develop a timeline that will determine priorities, focus resources, and ensure that staff and stakeholders are working toward the District’s common goals.

If you missed the first summit, an additional summit will be held at the FHS Ninth Grade Center on Tuesday, October 19 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Let us know you are attending summit #2 HERE.

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