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Bennett Elementary School

TEPSA Training Held for Frenship Elementary Student Councils

Representatives from each Frenship elementary were present at the training where students learned about how to develop leadership skills to guide their team and campuses. The students discovered techniques in order to generate peer participation, explored the tools necessary to create meaningful and challenging projects and fundraisers, all while learning how to effectively communicate.

Student council advisors from each campus were able to take a few things away from the training as well by learning how to organize their councils and keep them active all year long.

Recently elected student council officers and members are listed below for each Frenship elementary campus:

Bennett – Leadership Team Members

Cannon Mecham

Arianny Gomez

Barrett Turpen

Kynlee Hacker

Max Garcia

Quinn Busellato

Rosalyn Cisneros

Ally Anderson

Rosalie Carter

Emma Tomlinson


Crestview – Homeroom Student Council Representatives

Abby Mongelli

Jaxon Turner

Adeline Bartlett

 Lyla Wilson

Brianna Tankouo-Tiba

Grey Wilson

Madison Lilley

Claire Thoma   


Legacy – Student Council Officers

Tayler Mulholland- President

Sage Peppard-Leija – Vice President

Serenity Barton- Secretary

Brock Metcalf- Treasurer


North Ridge – Student Council Officers

President - Olivia Copeland

VP - Oliver serralde 

Secretary - Ava Herrera

Communication Director - Lyla Wollenburg

Treasurer - Jackson Inman


Oak Ridge – Student Council Officers

President- Meleah Jones

Vice President- Emari Hayes

Secretary- Taylor Sallee

Treasurer- Zoe-Claire Teel


Upland Heights – Student Council Officers

President-Kyla Dollar

Vice President-Adalyn Perez

Treasurer-Dixon Thompson

Secretary-Braden Crockett


Westwind – Student Council Officers

President: Bo Monticello

President At Large: Connor Sandell

Vice President: Haidyn Acebedo

Vice President At Large: Luke Stephenson & Azarae Gonzalez

Treasurer: Leonitus Rodriguez

Treasurer At Large: Tanner “TJ” Crozier

Secretary: Zeriah Gordon

Secretary At Large: Maya Padilla

Historian: Jace Chapman

Historian At Large: Alfredo “AJ” Acuna


Willow Bend – Student Council Officers

President: Mia Adams 

VP: Chloe Dunn

Secretary: Brielle Mariscal 

Treasure: Martha Parks

Sergeant of arms: Xathan Estes 

Historian: Ana Roseborough 


Congratulations to all elected students! We look forward to watching you learn  and grow as you  lead your campuses.

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